Goodbyes are not easy to do. For the last four months I have been so focused on getting ready to go, that I did not let myself think about the actual leaving part. It was not until five minutes before we were headed to the airport that it hit me.
I thought my mom heard something hysterical. I thought she busted out in laughter. It was not until I looked at her that I realized she had began to cry. My mom has not shown much emotion this entire time. She is not like my father who, like myself, wears his emotions on his sleeves. My mother’s emotions caught me off guard. I had not expected her to cry. After her tears, I lost it. It all hit me at the same time. Like a wall of emotions hitting me all at once.
As we were saying goodbye to my parents at the airport my dad said something that struck a cord. It reminded me, in a moment of weakness, why we are going. While he was praying he said something like, “Use my daughter and Jesse in great ways in Mexico, we pray that now like we prayed that over her when she was a baby.” It reminded me that I was born to be used to glorify God.
Although the tears continued for the three hour flight to Arizona, I was comforted by the words of my father.
I will miss my family and friends so much. Saying goodbye was harder than I ever thought, however, I know this is what God has called Jesse and I to do. He has great things in store for us and I can’t wait for the adventure.
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