For Better or For Worse

Before Jesse and I started the blog, I promised to myself that I would write what I was truly feeling, whether that be good or bad. Today has been one of those bad days. We are getting so close to leaving, 4 days to be exact, and I feel unprepared. I have this huge list of stuff to do before we leave and I feel like none of it is getting done. Banks are being difficult, paper work is not getting signed, and we ended up with 8 bags!!! 8 BAGS! I went through each of our bags three different times trying to limit what we are bringing. I have no idea what else to take out. I know I can be a little ridiculous with the amount of stuff I bring, but I really thought I limited it down enough. Well, I guess not. I hate being the person that causes the driver of the car to have to unpack everything just to fit in all the bags. I guess I can sum up how I am feeling as stressed. But I am also so frustrated with myself. I have had 4 months to get ready to go and I still feel unprepared. I dont know what else to do. On top of all this stress of leaving, it is really beginning to set in that we are not going to see our family and friends for 9 months. I dont know why it took this long for me to realize, but it did. I am going to miss them so much. I will miss hearing Gavin say my name in the adorable way he does, I will miss Adele’s squeals, I will miss making cookies for my parents, I will miss Friday night dinners with Bethany and Tyler, I will miss hanging out with my Tacoma friends....The list could continue.

I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that everything is going to be okay. I want to enjoy this adventure we are about to begin and not be worried and stressed the entire time. Although I will miss so much from home, I also do not want to miss out on the adventure God has prepared for us these next 9 months. Its Christmas, the most amazing time of the year. I need to enjoy it. God is and will always be faithful to us in good times and in bad.

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