Best Cookie Baker Ever!!

I have a passion for chocolate chip cookies. I think I could go without any other dessert in my entire life as long as I could have a chocolate chip cookie with a big cold glass of milk. I do make the best cookies that you have ever tasted. Those who have tasted please post and share with others how amazing my cookies are!!
I brag about my baking skills, but this Thanksgiving my boastful ego took a shot by my own mother. Let me explain. My sister Bethany and I decided to begin the holiday baking early. We decided to make shortbread cookies. Not as good as my chocolate chip, but not too shabby. I was in charge of the dry ingredients and her the wet. So I began by measuring and adding the three cups of flour to the wet ingredients. My only mistake, and fatal mistake was that I read the eight as a three on the measuring container. Half of the eight was rubbed off making it appear as a three. As Bethany mixed, she was so confused why it was such a dry dough. Then we realized what I had done. We ended up doubling and making the recipe work and the cookies actually turned out great.
The next night Bethany and I found ourselves in the kitchen once again but this time attempting a pumpkin role. Mom, while I was not around, whispered to Bethany to keep an eye on me and make sure I don’t mess up. I walk into the kitchen and Bethany can’t help but laugh and tell me that mom does not trust me to add the ingredients right. My mom is the most loving mother anyone could have, she was just looking out for the families Thanksgiving day dessert, but I decide to hold it against her as a loving daughter and bring it up to give her a hard time all day. Everything she asked me to do I would make some sarcastic joke about not being able to do it without her supervision. I mean, I do mess up a lot on measurements. My chocolate cookies always turn out great, but other things not so much. She did have legitimate reason for concern 8 cups 3 cups....not that big of a difference right??
As I continued to tease my mom for not trusting me I thought of Mexico. What if I get down there and what I think I am good at like being a leader, I mess up on? Although I can make the best chocolate chip cookies, I sometimes do mess up and can’t always be trusted. What if I mess up with the students? Give them the wrong advice or accidentaly let my mouth get ahead of my brain? I figure, we all make plenty of mistakes, God gave me my gifts to use, not to be worried about using. I have leaders to hold me accountable and to help train me. I have to let God be in charge of every step I take and then the mistakes I do make, wont be that bad.
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