I have to admit that I did not come up with the title Go For Love. That was my genius husband. At first I thought, “Yeah, that’s catchy” or “Man, people will think we are so spiritual,” stupid things like that. But as I read the book The Tears of my Soul by Sokreaksa S. Himm the title Go For Love began to mean more to me.Sokreaksa was a young boy growing up in Cambodia when his life was altered by the Khmer Rouge. This Communist group’s goal was the purge Cambodia of any persons who did not believe in their Communist ideals. Sokreaksa and his large family was forced to join the exodus to the jungle villages. It was there that Sokreaksa’s family, after many close calls, were brutally tortured and slaughtered by the young brainwashed soldiers of the Khmer Rouge. It was a miracle that Sokreaksa survived after being struck with a hoe and being thrown into the mass grave with the rest of his dead family members. He managed to crawl out of the mass grave and through the help of others, survive. Thirteen of his family members (that is all but himself and one other) died in the killing fields. I do not tell you this story to make you sad or even to make you angry at the corrupt world we live, I tell you his story so that the following quote from Sokreaksa will hopefully change your aspect on love. Sokreaksa says, “If love has profoundly taken root in our heats and souls, it will surely reduce suffering as we reach out to others and consider their welfare over our own. It gives us a vision of a world very different from the one we live in: a glimpse of the kingdom of heaven. This is why love gives us hope and a reason for living, a deep trust in the good purposes of God.” If we truly love people, like we are called to do, then our lives will be changed for the better. I want people to see and feel love from me wherever I go and through whatever I am doing. Since reading Himm’s book, I have made it a goal of mine to love better. If Sokreaksa is able to forgive and love the people that killed his family, I think it is possible for me to love a customer at work or someone in the grocery store or even to love my husband and family better. This task of loving people has not been easy, and if anyone has advice on how I can love better please write and tell me how you practice love. I am Going For Love...I’m going to love on people who do not feel love. The truth is we can do that everywhere we go. So I challenge you, no matter where you go, Go for Love!