Self Doubt

I've been doubting a lot lately. I've let my own sin start to overcome my faith that Jesus will provide. God has always proved his providence and favor in our lives. I think of one month where Breanne and I were sitting at church without enough money to pay our bills, we had to decide whether to write our tithe check or save the last few dollars we had to try to pay our bills. It was the hardest check I had to write and I doubted if God would show up.

I was wrong. Extra money seemed to show up over the course of the month and we were fine. I knew once again God was providing and I knew very little about my Savior. Fast forward to this past week, and here I am again doubting. I doubt that God will provide. I doubt that God will show up and provide a miracle.

I found out that I can't take my day job with me. Which is fine. The miracle is that I have been freelancing for almost a year and God has been providing us with enough money that it won't even matter that I have to leave my job. But I still doubt.My mind gets over come by thoughts of doubt. What if jobs stop coming in? What if we can't afford to live in Mexico? What if we have to come home? But I have to fight back with, who cares. What is the worst thing that can happen? We come home!

What is something that you doubt? What gets you so afraid that you won't go after your dreams?