How I and Kanye Relate

When I think of people that are in need of humility think of athletes or Kanye West. I never really thought of myself as a person who needed a dose of humility. I never thought I was that prideful, however, in the last month I think I have been proven wrong. I think you can become boastful or overly proud without really knowing it. It is something you do not see.

The wake up to my boastfulness came with moving back in with my parents. This adventure Jesse and I are on lead us to live with my parents in order to prepare everything for moving abroad. Talk about a wake up call. I felt like I was stripped of everything I was good and and tellaported back to my high school days. I worked for three years to establish my home, my cooking skills (or lack there of), and my hosting skills.  I took pride in the fact that I was a big girl. I had my own dishes to wash, my own laundry, and my own house to take care of. I was a real grown up.

When the day came when Jesse and I moved into my parents, everything I was so prideful in was taken away. I was saying mommy and borrowing my parents car. While laying in my old high school bed with my husband I realized that I not only had a boy in my high school bed for the first time, but I was getting a dose of humility. When people give and give and give to you, it makes you thankful and it humbles you. You are seeing God provide for you through His people.

Although the sex life has not been all it should be (because of the whole parents down stairs thing) I have learned so much about myself. I have leaned first of all how blessed I truly am. I thought I was grateful for all the great things I had before, but now that those material things are gone, I am even more grateful for God’s blessings. I am also learning how to be humble. I am learning how to depend on others instead of relying on my own power to accomplish something.