Dwayne The Dodge

In the process of moving to Mexico to do missions full time we had to get rid of many things. One of the hardest things to get rid of was our beloved Volvo. The heated leather seats, state of the art ski rack, and back up sensor spoiled the “I wish I was rich” longing that everyone has every once in a while. I loved that car. When Jesse first picked it out, I told him that I did not want to be a childless soccer mom at the age of 21. But as my hands rested on the polished wood steering wheal and my back sunk into the back hugging seat, Vince the Volvo and I began to create a love bond. As I watched a man and his wife that was 8 months pregnant get into Vince the Volvo, I shed a little tear.

We began the journey of being car-less and begging anyone who would listen for an extra or cheap car for us to drive till December. My dad drove the church van and we drove his car for a month, but everyday I could see that he was growing sick of diving a 15 passenger van with Westwood Christian Assemble painted on the side around town by himself. Then last week an answer to prayer came. Ryan, a friend told us he had an extra van. Jesse and I were thrilled. Finally we could give dad his car back!

We go to Ryan’s and discovered our next vehicle. Ryan is letting us borrow a 1990 Dodge van. It is a beauty. It comes with purple paint, a rats nest in the engine, a blown head gasket, leaking oil, and we can’t drive it more than 20 miles without it overheating and breaking down. (But if you blast the heat and role down the windows it will last 25 miles)  We took it to a mechanic and his words were, “Well I got the rats nest out...but I recommend you not spending any money on it...drive it till it dies.”

After we got the news, we decided to give the Dodge a name. No one should ever die without a name. So Dwayne the Dodge it is. Why Dwayne you may ask? Dwayne is the perfect old mans name. I picture Dwayne as an old cheerful man in a nursing home that limps along with a walker with four bright green tennis balls in the legs. He hits on the old ladies in hopes of getting lucky in his old age and plays poker and takes everyone for their money. That is Dwayne.

We are so lucky for Dwayne the Doge and cannot thank Ryan and his family enough for letting us take care of him till his death. In a funny way, Dwayne makes my first thought every morning be to God. The first thing I do when I wake up is pray to Jesus that Dwayne will start and not make me late for work. Then I thank God for the ways he continually blesses us.

God does not stop surprising me with his blessings. I am thankful for Dwayne and God’s continuous blessings.

Who needs a Vince the Volvo when you have Dwayne the Dodge??

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