The First Step

It's 3 am in the Northwest and Breanne is sleeping peacefully. I cannot sleep. After two weeks of long conversations, tears, fights, arguments, prayer, and more tears we have been able to conclude one thing: God has a bigger plan for our lives. I have spent the last five years of my life working in the corporate world. First in banking, now in my life as a graphic and flash designer. And Breanne has spent the last four years of her life working on her degree, which thankfully she finished. Now is a pivotal time in our lives, and in our marriage. We don't want to sit on the sidelines anymore. God has something bigger planned for our lives, something only God can do.

After two and a half years of marriage, we know that we need to take a risk, we've been playing it safe, and it's time for us to go all out. We are selling everything, and moving to Mexico. A dream vacation? Not really. We are going to Mexico to train under some great missionaries, then make a jump to Asia, because we have a desire to connect with that area of the world. To tell people about Jesus.

Go For Love is our dream. Breanne and I have had such different views of our calling, our passions, and our love for Jesus, that at times, we have felt that our dreams were too removed from each other. We want to passionately share our journey with anyone who is doubting God's calling, on your marriage, or on your life. Because we have been there, we are there, and this is our journey together, to discover what happens when we stop trying to pretend that we are common, and accept that we have uncommon dreams.

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